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roto mold case tool kit

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    roto mold case tool kit

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    Rotomold plastic case in stock  , different size with low price and high quality .

    This is a very useful and welcome one in USA, maybe you got know before , but you shouldn`t know so cheap price . Ok, look at the infrmation in details ;

    Out size :  800*520*300mm

    inner size : 700*445*350mm

    Price : ask Laura


    Material: steel material and PE


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If you want to make new rotomold case ,we also can help you .

1, Aluminum roto-mould.
Have made around 50 sets of aluminum roto-moulds for various playground toys, and about 190 sets of aluminum moulds for custom molding projects in last five years. 85% of them are supposed to be used in molding products to be exported to USA, Italy, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Russia, Canada, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan(PRC), Belgium and Isreal and etc.

2, Custom plastic rotomolding.
Various plastic parts based on custom designs, including air-blower shells, tool cases, petrol tank, flower planter, water tank for scrubbers, truck roof, stock case for motorcycle, golf equipment case, speaker shell, fenders, display case, and so on.

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